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Dainese Releases Stelvio D-Air Touring Jacket

The Dainese Stelvio D-Air is the most premium touring jacket in Dainese’s lineup.

Begin Press Release: 

The STELVIO D-air Touring Jacket by Dainese

A Versatile Weatherproof Touring Jacket Integrated With D-air® Airbag

COSTA MESA, Calif. – October 12th,  2022 – Dainese Group (, the world leader in protective wear, introduces their newest product of the D-air lineup with the STELVIO. New to North American market, the STELVIO is a motorcycle touring jacket featuring built-in D-air airbag technology for optimal safety and D-Dry waterproof and elastic materials to combat all weather conditions.

Built for the everyday rider, as a daily commuter or for countryside rides, the STELVIO is a versatile standalone touring jacket that incorporates the D-air airbag system. D-air is the pinnacle of safety in motorcycle protective garments and is the same patented technology used by MotoGP champions. The D-air airbag integrates proprietary internal microfilaments that when activated, control air to create a hardline shield activating in a fraction of the time, less than it takes to blink an eye. D-air is the only airbag compliant with certification both on the chest and on the back, providing the equivalent protection to 8 chest protectors and 7 back protectors, without the restrictions of traditional hardshells.

The STELVIO motorcycle jacket is suitable for long-distance trips in any weather condition due to its waterproof and breathable four-way stretch D-Dry XT membrane that guarantees exceptional protection against the elements while offering optimal freedom of movement and comfort. To ensure a perfect fit, the STELVIO has an internal lumbar elastic band for adjusting the fit at the waist, and further adjustments are possible using the buckles on the hips, the velcro on the wrists, and the snap buttons on the arms. Additionally, there are air vents with waterproof zipper closures on both the front and back of the jacket to increase ventilation on hotter days.

For added protection, the STELVIO is equipped with Pro-Armor 2.0 protectors on the shoulders and elbows, which are designed to offer maximum comfort with reduced weight and flexibility, high levels of ventilation, and are EN 1621.1-certified level 2 protection.


  • D-Dry XT & D-Stone fabric
  • 2 external waterproof pockets
  • Pocket for G1 and G2 back protection
  • Adjustable waistband and wrist zip closure
  • Pro-Armor Lev. 2 Type B protectors on elbow and shoulders
  • Learn more on Dainese official product page
  • D-air airbag system
    • The algorithm detects low-sides, high-sides, object/vehicle and rear-end collisions
    • Collisions are detected even when stopped, e.g. rear-end collision at a stop light
    • 26hr battery life
    • Airbag
      • Chest protection meets or exceeds CE Level 2 for airbags, transmitted force is <2.5kN
        • Standard armor CE level 2 transmits <9kN so the airbag disperses over 3x more energy than its rigid counterpart. (EN 1621-4 Lev. 2)
      • Back protection meets or exceeds CE Level 1 for airbags, transmitted force is <4.5kN
        • Standard armor CE level 1 transmits <18kN so the airbag disperses over 4x more energy than its rigid counterpart. (EN 1621-4 CB Lev. 1).For every product, Dainese recommends reading the User Manual before use. To learn more about Smart Jacket LS Sport, its technical features, protective performance and how to use it, please refer to the User Manual.

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