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Biker Screams After Noticing Snake Entangled In Motorbike Handle

A biker in Thailand received an unpleasant surprise when he noticed a snake around the handle

A horrifying video of a biker struggling to keep going with a green snake entangled around the handle of the motorbike has emerged online. The night-time video shows the biker screaming after noticing the snake and riding the bike with one hand. Then, the biker finally manages to stop the motorbike and steps aside while continuing to film the snake with a mobile phone camera. The incident occurred on May 3 in Uthai Thani province in lower northern Thailand. And the video has been shared on YouTube. The caption of the video says “A snake came out of nowhere.”

After the biker steps aside, the snake, too, appears to lose interest and sits idle on the handle until the video cuts off. The video has got more than 1,200 views since it was shared on May 7.

It’s not the first time a snake has come so near a motorbike rider. Another terrifying video of a similar incident from 2017 showed a huge snake lunging towards a motor-cyclist as he rides through a mountainous area in Thailand’s northern Lampang region. The biker had to lift his leg and suddenly move his bike to the left to avoid getting bitten by the almost 2-metre-long snake.

Snake encounters are common in Thailand. The country is known to have a rich wildlife with more than 200 snake species. Nearly three dozen of these snakes’ species are believed to be venomous. Often reports say that the Thai fire and wildlife departments have rescued snakes found lurking in bathrooms and swimming in polls or in open spaces near homes.

Experts say the snakes entering human habitation is a result of people encroaching into their natural habitats. Several Twitter users have shared their experiences of having encountered a snake during their visit to Thailand.

Check this video of a python getting entangled in power lines in Thailand.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, which was a lush marshland providing fertile breeding grounds for snakes and other reptiles. The city’s airport, Suvarnabhumi, too, has been built in on land known as ‘Cobra Swamp’.

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